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Professional Writing Services Firm


I write content.

I edit writing.

I coach writers.

Let's chat about your writing, editing, or coaching needs! 

My Services


I write creative content for diverse media publications.  


I edit books, blogs, and brand strategy content.  


I coach writers who desire to write publish-worthy content and to cultivate exquisite writing technique.

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About KeNosha

Please, call me Nosha (Nah-shuh); the "o" is short.

God has extraordinarily gifted me to write extraordinarily. Put another way, writing is my superpower—so much that, sometimes, my fingers actually tingle when I type. I like to think the tingles are little surges of creativity. Or, they could merely indicate that my hand is going numb due to an extended writing session. Either way, I am passionately connected to and invested in my craft.

I work as corporate counsel for one of the world's largest Christian mission organizations, and I hustle as a content writer, professional editor, and writing coach for the brave, imaginative souls who inspire and revolutionize through their pen and keys. And I have a feeling that, if you are here, one of those souls might be you


"One of the things I value most about Nosha is her unmatched creativity and clarity in word. She is an exceptionally gifted wordsmith! Nosha is my go-to editor, and KeNosha, INK.'s  high quality services provide our clients with the expertise and support necessary to make their projects a success."

Joy Bradford

Consultant, Lincross Publishing 

"As I prepare to publish my first book, I needed an editor who had thorough knowledge of grammar, syntax, and semantics, who had an eye for recognizing errors, and who could make practical suggestions beyond the words on the page. Nosha has met and exceeded my expectations." 

Dr. Kescher Rankin

Author of Be Wise, My Child

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nosha. Her content is always  beautifully written, relatable, and easy to follow. As an editor, Nosha has an outstanding eye for detail. Working with her has taught me that brilliant writing is simple writing-—a relevant idea delivered clearly and directly."

Ashley Reed

Blogger, My Sole is Heeled

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